162188 – Queen of Darkness – Fuck Trash Feeding

Missy continues to be held in the dungeon without daylight and has to learn how to better orally satisfy men. A crossdresser descends with the mistress in the dark dungeon and surrenders to the sadistic whims of his dominatrix. No man can resist the Gothic Mistress, or even resist her dominance. Lady Vampira recognizes his submissive side in every guy and makes him a devoted slave to her bizarre lust. Her red lips suck on the cigarette, kneeling in front of her the Sissymaid sucks on the tail of the suitor. Pushed into the corner by Lady Vampira, the beautiful mistress in the strict leather corset graciously burns air holes in the plastic bag on the slave’s head and ashes in his mouth. True to the motto "Blondes do it better", my blonde sissy whore will now earn his garbage dinner and eat the fuck garbage!
Queen of Darkness - Fuck Trash Feeding
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