162167 – 20 minutes foot worship session with Goddess Sheila

20 minutes with the new slaveGoddess Sheila: I have a new foot slave and the first job for the loser is to lick my dirty boots clean. When he sucks and swallows the dirt from my boots, he shows me his submission to me. He has to kneel in front of me and his tongue is now the washcloth for my boots. He has to kiss the boots and lick the soles and heels clean. I watch him and enjoy what slaves do for. They worship me and eat the dirt off my boots. This is how one pays homage to a foot goddess.After the slave has licked my dirty boots clean, he can now take care of my sweaty sokens. He’s allowed to smell my boots first. The scent of my damp feet wafts from my boots. He may thank me with kisses on my socks and start licking the sweat from my socks. Then I stuff my socks into his slave’s mouth. Let’s see how deep my socks fit into his slave’s mouth. My socks fuck your mouth slave!After my dirty boots and my stinky socks, the new foot slave can now lick my bare feet. I take off my socks and stuff them into his mouth. After that it is my human footrest that can lick my feet. I want the foot slave to suck, lick and kiss my toes and soles of my feet clean. I want to feel his submission and that he adore me
20 minutes foot worship session with Goddess Sheila
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