ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST ? Mistress Gaia and her friend dressed as sexy policewomen with a skirt, pumps and sunglasses. If possible her friend wearing black nail polish on her feet and a completely naked slave. Mistress Gaia is part of the Ballbusting Squad, one of the most accredited associations that aim to extort information. A new recruit has arrived and Mistress Gaia, as the best member of the team, has been tasked with training her properly. The video begins with the spy ready in the cock box and then her and her friend walking in. She will turn to the recruit and tell her: The goal of the day is to get this spy to talk; he must provide us with the password to access her secret association account to allow us to sabotage some of their missions. My technique is unique and infallible, first of all let’s take off our shoes, our feet will be the tool that will make him speak. and she will laugh. At this point she will explain to the recruit that the best way to start is to make the spy as fragile as possible, to achieve this there is nothing better than a footjob and the related post orgasmic torment. She will hand the second camera to the spy and order him to take a video of what they are going to do to him from her POV and get it right, otherwise she?ll chop his balls off.Mistress Gaia will start doing one of her terrific footjobs with his cock stretched out and toes over the spy’s head, explaining to the rookie that this method is very effective in getting the goal as quickly as possible. Once he cums, she will continue to masturbate him incessantly with her toes over the chapel, asking him for the password, but the spy will not give it and will continue to be tormented.She will then tell the rookie to keep her balance while she tiptoes on the spy’s cock and presses with all the weight of her body making the cock a thin slice and showing the mythical arch of her foot, do many poses. Then she will tell the recruit to practice and then have her take his place and the recruit will continue the post orgasmic torment with a new request for the password. The spy will continue to be mute and the recruit will stamp on his cock like a cigarette, showing the arch of the foot.At this point she will tell the recruit: What do you think we need to do now to get him to speak? The rookie will promptly reply Kicks in the balls, no doubt a lot of kicks in the balls She will nod and have the spy stand with her arms behind his back. I’ll show you and she’ll start kicking the spy a few times and then Let’s see what you’re capable of and she’ll let the rookie kick some kicks.Then you will kick him together urging him to reveal the password … and the spy will give a wrong password to catch his breath. When you find out that it is wrong you will both get brassed off and kick him until he says the correct password. Brava, addressing the recruit, your first mission is over, but not your first training. I have to evaluate you and to do that I need to see you again in action. Give him 100 kicks in the balls The rookie will perform while Mistress Gaia watches her and suggests what she needs to improve on, leading her to give perfect kicks in the balls. The last of her will urge her to be very powerful until the spy collapses.She will then ask the spy to kiss the rookie’s feet. The spy will very proudly refuse. No, did I hear it right? Did you say no? … just the answer that naff’s me off the most … and she will make the spy stand up as she begins to kick him in the balls very hard and without any kind of mercy, under the admiring eyes of the recruit, insulting him heavily until he tells her the word she wants to hear: Yes. Then the spy will kiss the rookie’s feet. And now lick mine, and see to pass your tongue between my toes otherwise more kicks in the balls … from spy to licker ahahahahaha … and while the spy licks her feet she will give the final vote to the recruit . She then knocks the slave to the ground with one foot and does a nice final victory pose giving you a high five for another successful mission.
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