162326 – Please Bang My Wife

Julian is back on another episode of "Please Bang My Wife." He introduces his friend, Teddy, who has been married for just over a year, to Puma, a busty blond. Teddy takes his seat across the room and watches while his wife does a striptease for Julian and then stretches out on top of him and sucks Julian’s cock. After a lot of licking, stroking and sucking, Julian slides his cock into her juicy pussy and starts pumping in and out while Teddy sits and chews his gum. Ah, but Puma wants to suck Julian’s cock some more. She must be good at it because Julian pulls out and lets her… for a little bit. And then he’s back to fucking her. They change positions again and again with Julian finally finishing by giving Puma a facial. If watching his wife getting banged by another man makes Teddy happy, he must be one very happy man!
Please Bang My Wife
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