162339 – Selfie 12

PROLOGUE: This video was edited, filmed, and produced by Melissa. It’s unscripted, no fake lines or scripted cheesy dialog. Completely 100% natural (just like the smell of her butt) with all bloops and funny lines you would come to expect from a Masorotica release. This is RAW AMATEUR FOOTAGE that we hope you’ll enjoy as much as Melissa enjoyed sitting on my face and making me smell her sweaty stinky smelly butt juices. Enjoy! Approximately 2 minutes in, Melissa was hesitant to lower her pants. Our shoot was in the evening and she spent an entire day at the office. She felt KIND OF BAD for me because her butt SMELLED very NATURAL that day! "Ok. But I feel I dunno. I feel I should I dunno…maybe my ass is sweaty? Should I wash it? lol. Ok well block your nose in case it’s sweaty!" Melissa says laughing before lowering her pants to sit on my face. You could tell she felt sorry for me, but at the same time she was really enjoying herself in this scene! The smell of her butt nearly ended me. I could smell her washroom breaks from her entire day’s work! Every scent and odor you could think of was present! She wasn’t joking when she said her butt was REALLY sweaty. I nearly regretted it because my face carried her butt odor for the entire evening after our shoot together.As Melissa sat on my face she continued taking selfies, sometimes giving me the middle finger while my face was covered in her butt sweat. Melissa’s reflection through the mirror can be seen as she taunts and laughs at my face buried into the dark sweaty crevices of her ass.Note: ‘Selfie 12 -Melissa’s Edition’ will include BONUS content after the end credits! It contains the footage taken from her iphone that she filmed herself. Please wait for that edition before purchasing this version of the video if you want all the extras.
Selfie 12
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