ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – The splendid Mistress Gaia, dressed in a sexy bikini and heels, enters her dungeon with a small and petite slave on her leash, who wears only sexy lingerie. Inside the cage there is a slave almost two meters tall and very large, so big that the cage can hardly contain him. Mistress Gaia is a bit bored and so she decides to play with her slaves. For this she orders the slave to get out of the cage, while the little slave without a leash is standing next to her. Mistress Gaia is amazed by the height and physique of her slave who is also taller than her, and so she makes him step on the scale before her to see if his weight is at its maximum. Mistress Gaia is amazed: his kilos are so many that the scales can’t even quantify them.The mistress then decides to compare her height with the gigantic slave and, for this, takes off her shoes. Mistress Gaia is tall, but in the presence of her slave appears smaller. She then wants to see the little slave next to the tall slave: This time the difference in height is abysmal. She looks like a child in front of the gigantic slave. Suddenly, the slave has a gasp of rebellion and takes his mistress in his arms without authorization.Mistress Gaia is so surprised, and orders the slave to put her down. The slave is out of control and takes her around the dungeon with a laugh. The little slave sees the scene and starts laughing. The giant appears mad, but some severe slaps from the mistress make him come to his senses, and so he puts her down. She now wants to punish the little slave, because she allowed herself to laugh during the lifting scene. Mistress Gaia is very angry and decides the punishment to inflict on the petite slave. She is to be lifted by the large slave. The little slave trembles at the thought of being lifted by the giant, and so she tries to escape. Mistress Gaia orders the other slave to take her. The one-handed slave grabs her and brings her back to the center of the dungeon.The torment of the slave begins, under the sadistic and satisfied gaze of Mistress Gaia. The giant slave lifts the small twig in every way: in his arms, on the shoulders, from the torso. The slave looks like a rag doll in the slave’s big hands. She begs for forgiveness, but the domination continues until the petite slave becomes exhausted. The slave takes her in his arms and carries her to Mistress Gaia’s feet. Her hard lesson will serve as a warning to her: never make fun of Mistress Gaia!
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