161009 – Miss Rissa Puts Rule Breaker to Work

Miss Rissa catches Ryan smoking a cigar in a state park, and as a concerned taxpayer, she is not having any of it! At first, she just decides she’s going to call the police, but Ryan insists that he can’t afford to get in trouble, so he’ll have to learn his lesson another way: by licking her boots! After the humiliating task of licking her filthy boots in the middle of the park, Miss Rissa decides he hasn’t learned his lesson. Now he has to lick her sweaty sock and swallow all of the sock fuzz! It’s not long though before the socks come off too, and now he has no choice, but to lick her sweaty, smelly feet, all while Miss Rissa makes him sniff her smelly socks. This is one lesson Ryan will never forget!
Miss Rissa Puts Rule Breaker to Work
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