162363 – Slave licks the street dirt from my boots

I’m wearing my Buffalo boots the whole day and you can follow me around as I drive through the town, go for a walk in nature and walk over the streets – obviously my boot soles will be pretty dirty afterwards. When I get back, I sit down in the armchair and order the slave to lick all the filth and street dirt from my boot soles! He’s obviously disgusted by the taste of dirt, but I don’t care – I want my boot soles to be absolutely spotlessly cleaned. With every lick, his tongue gets more and more dirty and I simply laugh in his face. And of course, once my boot soles are cleaned, he’ll have to polish the leather of my boots as well – hopefully he won’t make the leather dirty with his tongue … or he’ll be punished once more!
Slave licks the street dirt from my boots
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