161359 – Another Human Carpet

The blue hair Goddess Penelope is having another human carpet beneath her gorgeous feet. Dressed in red latex she will be using another slave for her amusement.Straight from the beginning she gets on with the trampling and of course it’s going to be full weight trampling the entire clip. The slave is obviously struggles to breath a lot, but that doesn’t bother Goddess Penelope. She just love using him as a carpet. The Goddess also loves bouncing on him and that’s what you can enjoy as well. Well that’s good and funny for her, but painful for the slave. It’s just no mercy bare feet trampling including some head trampling as well. The slave is not very loud, trying to be quiet and he somehow does it despite the fact that he is really struggling to breath. Goddess Penelope stays on him almost the entire clip using the real carpet only a couple of times. You know her style already from the previous clips. She loves talking to the slave while he is suffering beneath her feet.The trampling is really hard for that slave.You can enjoy some nice full body angles and close ups.
Another Human Carpet
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