ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Mistress Gaia enters the scene and finds the slave already positioned in the cock table … and explains to him what is going to happen, she is about to give him a footjob lasting 5 minutes … and that she doesn’t care when the slave comes, the footjob will still last 5 minutes. The slave is already ready with the second camera to shoot directly from his POV, initial shot on his face, and then he goes down and frames the footjob and all the post orgasm torture with this shot. I want to hear his moans as she inflicts torment on him. She then sets the timer to 5 minutes on her phone and starts giving him a footjob with his cock stretched out on the table. She warns him to try to resist as much as possible … because the sooner he comes, the longer the torment on his cock will be subjected to. Obviously she will try to make him cum as soon as possible with one of her aggressive footjobs moving her toes incessantly over the cock and talking in a sensual way about her beautiful, perfect, irresistible feet. Once he comes I want you to continue to masturbate him quickly, making him cum red head, she has to tell him that she doesn’t give a damn that he is suffering and that now the fun is all about her. She then has to crush his head with her toes and make it thin, both with the toes showing the arch of her feet, both with the heel showing the sole of the foot to the camera, and with the sole of the foot. She will use the slave’s cock as a cigarette to put out under her toes and when she deems it appropriate she will have to try to put him between her toes, starting from the big toe-index couple and see how far she can manage. I would also like mistress to find a support (desk, wall, trapezium, etc.) to keep herself in balance and put herself on tiptoe on the slave’s cock, squashing it with all the weight of her body and showing the arch of his foot. She will end the post orgasmic torment as she started it, with a lightning fast masturbation until the timer rings and the second phase begins. Ten minutes of kicks in the balls. She will order the slave to stand in front of her with his arms behind his back, set the timer again and go … She must be a fury; her goal is to land as many kicks as possible in ten minutes. I noticed in another video that she also started giving knees in the balls. I would like she would also give him a lot of knees in the balls while holding him still with his hands on his shoulders; she is so sexy while he gives her. She moves around a lot, and so you move the slave to be able to admire you from various angles. From time to time I would also like to see mistress in three quarters from behind her as she kicks showing her fantastic ass to the camera. I really like it when she puts her hand on the slave’s head and then kicks him or when she puts her hands on his shoulders to take aim. Once the timer has sounded she will look at the slave … he will say no with his head and tell him … I’m not satisfied yet … another 50 kicks and will give it to him in crescendo reaching maximum power in the last, the last it will be a very powerful double kick that will be a KO?At this point she will ask the slave who is on the carpet to look at her, she will touch her breasts in a sensual way and will pass her tongue over her lips asking him to get up, the slave will only get up at that sight, but he will fall straight into his trap. You are really a pig, like all men, come on open those fucking legs and prove you deserve me, resist as much as possible and down heavy until complete submission. You finish with one of his fantastic victory poses by sticking a foot into the slave’s mouth in foot gagging and saying something like This is the way men go, with their cocks crushed under my feet and a myriad of kicks in the balls exclusively for my entertainment?
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