162517 – CPL-BG-432 The Black Punisher! Part 2

AFwrestling – Nevina our 230lb BBW challenged Mia to a match. Mia only weighing 135lbs was a little nervous but accepted. Nevina was literally out to crush, flatten, smother and destroy Mia. When they begin, Mia fights super hard to not go down, and struggles with Nevina’s size and weight, and being too hard to move, Nevina gets her chance. As they fall, Nevina mounts Mia, and locks her head between her massive thighs, falling to the side, Mia was now trapped and in trouble. Squeezing Mia for a few minutes breaking her down, she decides it’s time to inflict pain. Nevina rolls Mia onto her back and pins her down. Mia was overwhelmed with so much weight on her, she was actually afraid to move. She saw an opportunity to try and escape, but that didn’t work. Nevina facesits Mia and smothers her like crazy, seeing her pussy draped over her mouth and nose, swallowing her face, as Mia was trying to give up, Nevina said your going to eat your words, and sometimes even ignored Mia’s taps for air, really making Mia gasp. By the end Mia was winded, exhausted and literally had her lights turned out by this huge BBW who showed no remorse or pitty.
CPL-BG-432 The Black Punisher! Part 2
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