161360 – Timberland Boots Trampling by Miss Tiffany Naylor

Miss Tiffany Naylor comes back home today to have a cup of tea and of course she’s got a slave lying down in the kitchen waiting for her to be used as a human carpet.Wearing her lovely Timberland boots she will be using the slave as she see fits. Miss Tiffany will enjoy her cup of tea while standing on the slave’s chest the entire clip. There will be also some head standing as well. Walking all over his body and penis from time to time she will be drinking her cup of tea and enjoying her time while the slave is suffering beneath her rough soles.The slave is pretty quiet the entire clip and the trampling is on his front the whole time.The clip is filmed from one camera angle and you can see that very well by watching the preview and the GIF.
Timberland Boots Trampling by Miss Tiffany Naylor
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