162995 – Ballbusting 38

Ballbusting victim in the swimming pool! Lady Sonya, Madame Carla and Cruel Daisy have fixed their slave Isaak to the pillar in the swimming pool. There they want to see him really suffer and flatten his balls. The 3 sadistic ladies then take turns and step on his balls. With their feet and with their knees. Over and over again. All his pleading and squirming is of no use to him. This only pleases the cruelly sadistic mood of the 3 dominant ladies and they kick them again heartily. They hit him in the balls with their fists and hands and they kick his nuts with the feet of the other ladies. Only when his bulging balls are completely red and he sinks to the floor on the pillar, they let go of him for the moment.
Ballbusting 38
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