162786 – SAV012 – Ashley’s Destructive Scissor and Smother! Part 2

AFwrestling – Ashley hits the mats once again to torment her little slave toy chadam. the action starts off with her having chadam in a standing head scissor, wrapping her python like legs around his neck. You can see her leg muscles ripple as she applies full , slowly breaking chadam down, almost having him squeal in pain. Ashley also uses her second best asset to destroy him, her ass. She mounts his face in reverse, swallowing his face in her divine ass cheeks, depriving him of what little air he has. Being a little brat, she ignores a lot of his taps for air, and lets him have it when she is ready. Chadam really takes a beating in this clip, with Ashley switching from brutal head scissors, to reverse face sitting. You can see chadam go a few times trying to muster up the strength to even continue this clip. Ashley verbally belittles him throughout the clip, making fun of him, and you can see that her playtime was coming to and end. She lands a reverse face sit, and stays on him until he stops moving, grabs his arms to see if he is out, and continues to face sit him until she thinks he is wiped. Ashley did just that, destroyed chadam and stripped him of his manhood. One amazing clip to say the very least.
SAV012 - Ashley's Destructive Scissor and Smother! Part 2
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