161955 – Why didn’t you feed my cat

The gorgeous and sadistic bombshell Miss Anna Elite comes back home to find out that one of her slaves didn’t feet her cat. Oh, oh this is such a huge mistake. Now Miss Anna is angry and of course the slave will be punished hard.Dressed absolutely casual in her tight blue jeans, black leather boots and a white shirt she gets on with the trampling from the beginning. No mercy for the slave. He’s hogtied on the floor absolutely vulnerable which is just a great position for Miss Anna Elite.So trampling on the slave’s front and on his back will be taking place during the clip. You can enjoy also hard stomping, some beautiful jumping and head trampling as well. The slave is really in trouble as he’s trying to protect his stomach from the stomps but not very successfully as you can see. Miss Anna Elite doesn’t stop. The slave is moaning in pain and apologising from time to time, but one thing is for sure. He won’t be making the same mistake again.
Why didn't you feed my cat
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