162913 – MISTRESS GAIA – 1000 KICKS – HD

ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Mistress Gaia has decided to enter the history of ball kicking by right and making an incredible video, which will lead her to obtain a Guinness World Record.The rules for winning the coveted prize are as follows:1000 kicks in the balls.Seamless video and use any technique, as long as the slave is standing. You will be able to choose the counting method that will suit you best, but you will have to give regular (numerical) updates on the status of the test. She will be able to talk about anything during the test and deal with it by alternating any mood (ironic, angry, friendly, pissed off, etc.) If she needs it she can use slaves to support / block the slave and make him keep his legs open. She can allow the slave to use ice or other to ease the pain. You can allow yourself a short breakMistress enters the scene, a slave ready in the cock table and with a second camera. He frames her as she approaches, when she has climbed onto her table, with part of her from her face and descends down her body to her feet. She starts to stroke him as usual, then she turns and strokes him showing the sole of the foot to the camera, then she turns again and makes him cum, and continues pushing hard with your toes over the cap. Use all the toes one by one, and then climbs on tiptoe with all her weight on his cock supporting herself with the trapeze.When she thinks that it is enough she makes him stand up and starts her business according to the rules written above. Once the test is over and she has achieved the record, she will be so proud and euphoric of the undertaking that she will try to celebrate by giving her slave another very painful footjob. If the slave fails to cum she will tell him: I know, after 1000 kicks in the balls it is difficult, I make you film 5 minutes and then I come back and she will laugh. She comes back and gives him a footjob until he cums, then she takes the sperm with her feet and shows it to the slave while she tells him everything that goes through her mind after such an experience?
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