163008 – CMX-RX-16 Feebee’s Farting Facial!! Part 1

Feebee is ready to attack and punish chadam with some brutal gas she has and all he wanted to do was lay down and rest. She came into the room and jumped on top of him rubbing her stomach working up some nasty gas. Feebee certainly makes good use of his face as she rams her ass into it and begins her farting escapade. It doesn’t take long before the smell dispersed into his nostrils, as he can practically taste them. Feebee uses all sorts of facesitting styles, side saddle, reverse and even forward each time letting out huge farts. she verbally taunts him and humiliates him she even ******ly shakes her ass in his face. You can tell Feebee was enjoying this farting fiasco rubbing her smelly ass in his face, grinding down on his mouth and nose. Chadam was coughing and was almost sick from the smell alone. One hot chick, super hot farts.
CMX-RX-16 Feebee's Farting Facial!! Part 1
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