161956 – Weak Slave for my Casadei Leather Boots

We have the stunning bombshell Miss Courtney dressed in leather from head to toe wearing her absolutely sharp high heeled pointy toe Casadei Leather Boots. Of course one of her slaves will suffer beneath those extremely sharp heels.Miss Courtney loves trampling and especially in high heels. Actually these boots are one of her favourites. But this slave is obviously very weak as he can’t stand the Mistress on his front for a long time. He is so pathetic. For the first 5 minutes there is not a lot of trampling because the slave is so pathetic and he can’t endure the pain of the sharp heels of Miss Courtney. Her performance is so worth watching. Heels scratching and hands trampling are also taking place and you can see the nice heel marks on the slave’s front.Obviously the slave can take more trampling on his back, but he is screaming and moaning in pain. Miss Courtney is laughing and she doesn’t stop. Some stomps and some small small jumps are taking place on the slave’s back. You can see a nice severe heel mark on his ass as well. The slave has the privilege to kiss the boots and heels of the boots towards the end of the clip.
Weak Slave for my Casadei Leather Boots
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