163093 – Yes Yes YES: Wearing Down your “NO” Response

You will say YES to anything I ask. I will make sure of it. I am going to wear down your "no" response. I use my tits, my eyes, my voice, my movements to get in your head. I tease you and make you stroke and say YES to Me over and over. My Intense seduction of you assists in my mental domination over you. Watch how EASILY I make you obey. "you’re not allowed to say no. I’m gonna make you say ‘YES’ over and over. Yes yes yes. you won’t ever tell Me no. you only say YES. Try it…Do you worship Me? (say yes). Yes…good boy. Will you do anything I want? (say yes) YES…very good. Will you always obey?..Yes…Wanna see more of my sexy bouncing tits? Yes. Want to stroke your cock to Me? Yes? See, you keep doing it for me-saying YES YES YES. I’m removing your ability to say no. So you will always say YES to Me. Want to stroke your dick to Me right now? The answer is Yessss. That’s an order, touch your dick for Me. See how quickly you OBEY me? I’m gonna get you so HOOKED on saying YES to Me that it’s always your response. Does it feel good touching yourself? Yesss. Are my tits turning you on? Yes. Stroke to Me and make it feel good…See how good it feels when you say YES to Me? That’s right-you always tell me yes. But GODDESS gets to say no. Ask me to cum…the answer is NO. But You always say yes, so I want you to keep stroking. Tell Me YES that you will obey everything I want and everything I ask…Just say yes. Yes…"So HOT this one is one of my favorites. Seduction, mind manipulation, gorgeous tit tease, orgasm denail, edging fetish, and mental domination plus obedience training. My voice and eyes are what get in your head. But there is so much more than that to this one. just buy it and watch from start to finish, you will SEE. (and obey).This video has been carefully filmed, edited and remixed with INTENT. The soundtrack added with INTENT. and that intent is to take my already strong powers of mental persuasion and penetration and INCREASE them. The musical soundtrack was carefully remixed and edited for subtle speed changes. They are not really noticeable because there is a subtleness to the music already but they serve a very specific purpose. They highlight and intensify certain portions in order to INFUSE them into your thoughts. The editing and remixing of the video serves a similar purpose: to make your brain receive and store the concepts and visuals I transmit your way. And it WILL. There are NO voice effects in this video but there are some visual effects sprinkled throughout. This is NOT an effects video tho. This is pure mental domination and I use my editing skills as way to send your brain into a sort of******d out state where you’re more pliable. I am becoming VERY good at doing so. Trust and believe I VERY carefully choose each detail. I consider the soundtrack one of those details. The things I say CANNOT be overwhelmed by music yet an attached rhythm is preferred when watching any kind of mental domination video. Your brain simply views it as different media and soaks it up. This is one of the reasons WHY I include a soundtrack in many of my clips and this is NO different. I am getting in your head with this one. I already consider it an instant classic.This video is NOT a true mesmerize video BUT it is about domination through verbal manipulative means in addition to seduction and other elements so I think it best categorized here for YOU to find
Yes Yes YES: Wearing Down your
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