163159 – INESCAPABLE Blackmail-Fantasy

The moment you purchase this clip you’re MINE. The moment you use my tool you’re MINE. The moment you saw this clip you – were – MINE. I have a diabolical plan to make sure you will never be able to escape. You will be completely controlled by me. At my mercy 24/7, but never knowing when I will contact you and give you more orders… … And It’ll be EXHILLERATING. I’ve created a tool that will help us… Don’t be afraid. Nothing will happen unless you want it to happen… right? I will guide you through the process and seduce you, promise you the biggest orgasm ever… All you need to do… Is obey. Or be punished.Can you escape before it’s too late…? … And don’t you want to play with fire? Won’t you want to see what comes after this…? Just fill out the form. See what happens…
INESCAPABLE Blackmail-Fantasy
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