ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Mistress Gaia wants to play a little with her slave and put him to the test, physically and psychologically by staging a Ballbusting striptease. She is dressed in as much clothing and accessories as possible, with her completely naked slave. She is already on stage and calls the slave, and orders him to lick her feet. In the meantime she explains to him what she is going to do, while she will giving him the chance to see a her striptease. However, each article of her clothing will cost him dearly.First of all, to avoid that the slave can be clouded by hormones and become dangerous during the striptease, she empties him with her feet. She chooses the type of footjob, sitting between the legs of the slave, who resumes filming with the second camera from his POV. Once finished, the game will begin which includes only one simple rule: In order for her to take off a garment or accessory, the slave will have to stand for 10 consecutive kicks in the balls at maximum power. If he falls before that, he does not get anything and gives a 10 second count to the slave to get up and try again. Otherwise the striptease is automatically considered concluded. The whole thing repeats until she has all her clothes off, or until the slave goes counted out.Will the slave be able to live up to her striptease, or will he succumb to a knockdown. Unfortunately for the slave in both cases the ending will be the same: Another 50 very strong kicks, either because he is a slut and made her completely undress, or because he must be punished for not being able to resist. After 50, she stops for a moment, looks at him And now until the end and starts with one of her breathtaking series. Once fully submissive she puts her foot in his mouth with a nice victory pose?
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