163272 – PMF002 – Totally Gassed Out!! Part 1

So chad was trying to teach me how to do a reverse facesit, and I was really hesitant, but little to his knowledge, it was all planned that way. I guess I made him mad, and he grabbed Mia to "show" me how to do it. Well little did he know I whispered into Mia’s ear and told her I didn’t want to do it because I had to fart. Well Mia actually had to fart as well, and we both decided to use chadam’s face to fart on. Mia and I took turns farting on him, rubbing our asses all over his face. Then we both had taken turns ramming his face into each others asses, all the while farting. We both did a double fart tag team thing on him as well, both of us sat on his face and let some good ones rip. the farts smelled so bad we both were kind of coughing from it and couldn’t stand the smell.
PMF002 - Totally Gassed Out!! Part 1
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