163377 – Lady Scarlet – Crushed furniture

ITALIAN LANGUAGEI’m in Mistress Selly’s dungeon. It is the first time that I go to visit her, so when I enter she explains to me the layout of her studio and its equipment. Including a human mat lying next to the pole with which Selly practices lap dance. She tells me that this doormat is part of the furniture and never moves from there. I really like this thing! We put down our bags. It greets us but I immediately slam the sole of my boot on its mouth to silence it and my friend sinks her boot on its belly. We take off our coats to be more comfortable so we can have fun with it. I’m really curious to try this doormat! We step on it, me with boots and she with the amphibians we use in our daily life. We have fun sinking, jumping on it, bouncing on its body, squeezing the little dick it keeps hidden under its jeans out of shame, crushing its face in order to leave the imprint of our soles! I also use its belt to create a collar and a leash that I pull towards me while with the sole I crush its face on the opposite side. We slaughter it until we get tired of it and decide to go there for a coffee thinking about the next practices it will suffer…
Lady Scarlet - Crushed furniture
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