162640 – Obedient Human Carpet for Miss Jessica Wood

Miss Jessica Wood loves human carpets. Basically slaves lying beneath her all the time. Today it won’t be any different. Dressed in wet look leggings and white top wearing white flats she will be enjoying her time using the slave as she fits.As you know Miss Jessica already she loves face sitting and smothering and that’s what’s happening in the first two minutes of the clip. The trampling follows afterwards and the slave will be trampled on the rest of the clip. The slave is obedient and silent during the clip but he can’t stand a lot of trampling on his front and it’s only for a minute and a half. The trampling on his back is almost the entire clip along with some head standing as you can see from the GIF. Of course the trampling is full weight.The clip is filmed with one camera angle only which is full body. You can see that by watching the GIF.
Obedient Human Carpet for Miss Jessica Wood
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