163634 – Lady Scarlet – Cow’s teats

ITALIAN LANGUAGEToday I want to punish with sadism and sensuality. I approach the slave, tied to the cross. I called this slave "cow" because of the spots on his body. And being my cow I want to milk its udders. But in my way! I open the zipper of that kind of bodysuit it wears to "beautify itself" and I see that it is already aroused, with transparent black panties showing its little cock in the shot. I start teasing its nipples with my long nails, then I apply clips. I take them off and then apply others, also adding weights. I will also use the Wartenberg wheel. It will be an ups and downs of intensity and provocation with my beauty and my gestures, which will lead that cowhide to dribble more and more into the panties and leave it so tied up with the clips applied, in ecstasy…
Lady Scarlet - Cow's teats
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