ITALIAN SPEAKINGAfter leaving my slave locked in a cage it’s time to free him. The cage in which I locked him is very small, and since he is a fat man he will have suffered a lot from being locked in there. Maybe it will have helped him to understand that he needs to lose weight. I let him out not because I feel pity for him, but just to use him and have some fun. He is a great Dr Martens fetishist, but today I will not allow him to lick the leather part of the boots, but only the soles. Who knows how much dirt I will have trampled on the street, but for him this cannot be a problem. A true slave does everything for his Mistress. In the meantime she uses him as an ashtray, and I order him to touch the tiny prick he has, if he can find it? Obviously I will not allow him to fully enjoy himself, but as I always do, I will ruin his orgasm. I don’t think this torment is enough, so I take advantage of the cigarette to put it out on his balls while he masturbates. It is wonderful to see how he squirms from the burn, but his balls and his little dick are so useless that it is an honor for him to be able to sacrifice himself to his Mistress. He finally manages to squirt and, and of course the filthy sperm left on my soles will have to be wiped off using his tongue?
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