163749 – Mummy

A three-part movie A man wrapped in tin foil lies on the floor, looking like a mummy. There are tiny slits that reveal his eyes and ears. A girl in black, strapped high heels stomps all over him, ripping the foil with her heels. At the end she takes off her shoes and puts on another pair. She then sits on a chair and puts on a pair of black high-heeled boots. She gets up and stomps on the foil with her heels, makiing holes in it. It starts to rip apart. Someone hands her the next pair of shoes – black high heels with thick ankle straps. She sits on the chair and takes off the boots and puts on the new pair of shoes. As she is stomping, you can hear the foil rip. She starts to jump on the "mummy." She makes a slit around his mouth so that he can breathe. She then sits on the chair and takes off her shoes. Time: 13.53 min. REMASTERED – movie from 2004
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