163876 – Lady Scarlet – Shoejob in a hotel room

ITALIAN LANGUAGEEven when I travel for work, I always have a slave with me. This video was shot in the hotel room where I am staying with this fat, speckled, pink-boobed "cow" slave. When I come back I find him lying on the floor naked waiting for me, what a repulsive sight … That little dick of his is initially tiny and soft and I decide that I would never touch it with my hands or my feet, but only with my shoes. I start to touch him first with the soles and then with the heels, a heel also to stimulate his nipples… The little dick grows, it’s almost hard now and I invite this pig to cum on my heels: he obeys and squirts like a fountain thus regaining his dignity as a slave at my service.
Lady Scarlet - Shoejob in a hotel room
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