ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – The splendid and statuesque Mistress Gaia is intent on tidying up her well-equipped dungeon. She is dressed in sexy bikini and has no shoes. In the meantime she arranges the last things, the other Mistress enters the dungeon, dressed in a sexy dress and very high heels, which make her reach almost two meters in height. Mistress Gaia receives her friend, but since she is without heels she is amazed by the height of the other Mistress: for the first time, she is amazed to see a woman from the bottom up, since due to her height she always has a problem dealing with Mistress and slaves smaller than her. Mistress Gaia is intrigued to observe the difference between her, without heels, and the other Mistress with heels on and so they get close to her. The two Mistresses laugh, compare their height. Then the other Mistress takes off her shoes and compares her real height with that of Mistress Gaia.The two Mistresses play with each other and so they then move on to compare the length of the arms, hands and the detachment of the legs. Then they both step on the scales to see who weighs the most in terms of muscle. The two Mistresses decide to try their strength. Mistress Gaia takes the other Mistress in her arms. It is then up to the other Mistress to test her strength by taking Mistress Gaia in her arms. After other fun games, the video ends with the other Mistress taking Mistress Gaia’s arm in front of the camera and taking her away…
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