164173 – I wipe you out under my feet and heels

Miss Aleksa: Hello you little worm. You are not worth my attention unless I can trample you under my feet. I have cute little feet, but my dirty high heels can crush you perfectly. Check out the soles of my dirty shoes before I wipe you under my pumps. It is an honor for you to be trampled under my cute little feet and shoes. Enjoy this moment that is your end. I’ll crush you like a cigarette and rub you on the floor.After I pressed my slutty high heels into your slave face, you now get my bare, dirty party feet in your worthless face. My bare feet are still covered in dirt from the dance floor. You will now be trampled under those little bare feet. Look at my bare feet and enjoy the moments under my feet. I will kick, crush and wipe you out. I will enjoy it.
I wipe you out under my feet and heels
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