164326 – Lesbian Witch Casts Spell On Innocent Fairies

A bored witch conjures up a couple of sexy fairies to play with. Sammie is a buxom blonde and Charlie is a busty brunette, and they look very ready to entertain the witch. Sammie claims to be a good fairy, but she quickly reveals that she’s also a bit naughty by licking and sucking both Charlie’s and the witch’s nipples. After all three enjoy each others’ tits, Sammie turns her attention to the witch’s pierced pussy, fondling, caressing and rubbing it to get it very wet before moving in for a taste. Sammie inserts a vibrator into the witch’s pussy next while Charlie looks on. After lots and lots of pumping her pussy, the witch shows Sammie her appreciation by using another vibrator on her clit, and then Sammie takes it and pushes it inside for the witch to play some more. Poor Charlie is left to play with herself as she watches.
Lesbian Witch Casts Spell On Innocent Fairies
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