164335 – You’re just a doormat for my dirty boots

You – and more precisely your face – will now serve me as a doormat. We’ll start with my (almost) flat boots, that I’ve been wearing for the past few days. The boot soles are covered in all kinds of dirt and grime – and I’ll now clean them on your face! I’ll rub them through your face and stomp the dirt out onto your face! And once most of the dirt is gone, you’ll stick out your tongue and lick the boot soles until they’re completely clean again. But this pair of boots was only the beginning – I also brought along my Buffalo boots – they’re also pretty dirty – and they’ll be cleaned in the same way! This deep tread and the hard heels will hurt you a lot more … and the tread will be much harder to clean with your tongue as well. Anyway, you’ll surely suffer under these boots!
You're just a doormat for my dirty boots
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