164351 – Lady Rosalina – Sadistic Photomodel – CRUEL Facesitting In Sexy Swimsuit

Rosalina is a popular model and created already a sensasion. Today she has a trial for the cover of the top-selling magazine of the country and Neph, her photographer is very happy with the photos. He says to Rosalina that she is the best, but he has to choose between her and one more girl. Who will do the best blowjob to him, she will be the cover girl.This asshole is famous and he thinks he can do whatever he wants, but Rosalina is highly intelligent and dominant and she will show to this jerk what is his position. Of course she says no, but he tells her that this is the only way if she wants to do a career in modeling. But Rosalina knows another way, HER way! Rosalina puts her foot on the face of the photographer and makes a photo, threating him that she will share everywhere. The jerk begs her not to, but the truth is that he is really and strangely attracted from this gorgeous dominant young woman, he wants to do whatever she says!How many comments he did during the photoshooting about her sexy ass! Rosalina now will introduce it better to him. She sits on his face in her superhot ‘Baywatch’ suimsuit and keeps him breathless for long under her sexy ass! She feels absolutely no sorry for him and pushes his limits, until he understand that every breath next to a Goddess like Rosalina is precious!
Lady Rosalina - Sadistic Photomodel - CRUEL Facesitting In Sexy Swimsuit
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