164554 – Lady Scarlet – 2 faces for 2 friends

ITALIAN LANGUAGEIt is a special afternoon. Two of my friends who love trampling and facestanding and a very shy friend of mine came to visit me, but curious to try new experiences. Here is the right time to reconcile everything! With the help of a facebox, the two boys lie head to head. My friend and I approach sensual and threatening in our boots. She takes an example from me and together we make soles and heels adore. Then we make them take them off and I barefoot, she with socks, start stepping on these faces at our disposal! We have fun even if due to her shyness you will only hear my voice and some of her chuckles and the shot will always be on the feet and crushed faces.
Lady Scarlet - 2 faces for 2 friends
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