163706 – Human Footstool for Goddess Louise

Goddess Louise is here again. This is our second clip with her. It’s the same slave and as you can imagine he is already in pain absolute knackered, but that is not a problem for Goddess Louise.She comes back home to the kitchen. One of her slaves is on the floor obediently waiting for his Goddess to arrive. She needs a human footstool and of course the slave will be that object. Using her beautiful sandals she will be trampling the slave on his front absolutely full weight most of the time during the clip. To be honest Goddess Louise has used the real wooden floor only for a few seconds. Once she starts trampling the slave the Goddess spent a lot of time on his chest and stomach. Almost the entire clip. Imagine his pain and trouble with breathing. He is noisy unfortunately and he’s trying to protect himself using his arms but that doesn’t help him at all. The Goddess just keeps going.Goddess Louise doesn’t talk a lot in the clip, but you can enjoy bare feet jumping, head trampling and head jumping. Oh and this is hot. Some bare feet jumping on his back also taking place for a short amount of time. Goddess Louise is having so much a fun as she is laughing while the slave is suffering beneath her feet. Absolutely no mercy trampling.There is a slow motion moment added for some of the head jumps.
Human Footstool for Goddess Louise
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