164701 – Blue Shirt Girl Encourages and Teases

Guess who’s back with a lovely blue shirt! It’s going to take some time to get it buttoned up. I like to start near the top and work my way down, and then do the cuffs last. This shirt has two buttons on the cuffs. Which shall I choose? Hmmm… so fiddly, even for a shirt professional like myself. I’ll bet you’d love to help me right now, wouldn’t you? Don’t get too excited yet. I still have the collar to do. Such a luxurious, 100% cotton shirt. Do you want to touch it? Do you want to touch it on your dick? You do, you dirty pervert! You’re touching that dick right now, aren’t you? And you want to cum all over my new shirt! How dare you have these wicked thoughts? You’d better not cum yet. I still have my tie to do, and my skirt, too. I’m not wearing panties, though. How do I look? Wank for me now. make it really hard. Do you want to make my outfit a cummy mess? Shall I slap your balls with my tie? I’ll bet they’re really full for me, and you’ll be the first to explode all over my beautiful blue shirt.
Blue Shirt Girl Encourages and Teases
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