164901 – EvilStepsis Chronicles 1 -Kate’s Edtion

‘EvilStepsis Chronicles 1 -Kate’s Edition’ combines two releases. ‘Ride his Virgin Face Parts 1 & 2’. The original releases sold for $9.99 + $6.99 ($17) in Kate’s store and totaled 12 minutes in length. This newly edited version will be 14:56 mins which includes never before seen extended scenes and bloopers.So here it is for the first time ever in Full HD 1920x1080p (*NOTE: THIS IS THE STANDARD VERSION AND NOT THE HD VERSION) while preserving it’s original 4:3 aspect ratio to avoid ‘image stretch’, and in color (rather than the original black and white artistic approach seen previously). I put a lot of love into editing this, and the chemistry between Kate and myself is one of a kind. This is ‘Classic Masorotica’ featuring the flagship model of her era -Kate. We hope you enjoy this labor of love as much as we did making it. Ride his Virgin Face -Part 1Part one of my huge attack on my idiot step ******! I walk in on my step ****** watching porn. I slap him so hard in the face, he gets dizzy. He’s in a complete daze as I handcuff his hands and tie his legs to the table with a belt. I then sit on his dirty face, with his nose up my ass and his mouth in my special place, as I grind on him telling him to show me what he learned from his porno video. He was so loud I had to tell him to shut up or mommy and daddy would hear us. He didn’t.. so I hit him a few times until he learned his lesson. After I have enough, I make him feel like a little girl. Ride his Virgin Face -Part 2Part two of my attack on dogface. After having got what I needed, I tied him up, beat him up and even whipped him. Now here I am making him get down on his knees, begging me to sit on his face. Stupid mutt. I got tired of his begging, so I wrapped a cord around his neck and pulled a little more every time he asked for more. Instead of giving him what he wants, I made him work for it while hes still tied up. By the end of the clip, even I was worn up. Before I could leave though, I made my little step ****** kiss my nice young little bum goodnight. We left the old descriptions above because they were written by Kate herself. She alone carried our company to new heights and was a BOSS of her era. We are proud to release this video in memory of one of our greatest most talented, intelligent, and unwavering flagship models -Kate.
EvilStepsis Chronicles 1 -Kate's Edtion
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