165757 – Feet Smelling 109

Lezdom Soap Opera!You want join our bed? You can just smell our feet! Slavgirl Marry would like to crawl into bed with her ruling couple, but at the command of the mistresses she has to kneel on the floor tied up and can only smell their feet. The two dominant ladies Madame Delialah and Princess Kirstin have already made themselves comfortable in bed for the night and want to have a lot of fun there for two. The slave was simply tied up with handcuffs on the floor, where she should watch the hot goings on. After Marry begged to be allowed to participate, they mock the two sadistic girls with foot smelling. They order Marry to smell their feet. That is the maximum she can do. After she had to smell the feet of her lesbian mistresses extensively, they send she to sleep on the floor while they continue to make themselves comfortable in bed. So now slave Marry has to sleep tied up on the floor all night while the two rulers have fun in bed and then fall asleep like a king.
Feet Smelling 109
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