ENGLISH SPEAKINGTHIS IS THE EXTENDED VERSION OF THE HOM VIDEO ?BREATHE IN BITCH?Today I was out shopping and I left my slave a list of chores to be completed for my return. However, I unexpectedly returned early only to find my bitch sitting on my throne and sniffing my designer boots. I quickly got hold of him, and gave him a couple of slaps, before giving him a good flogging. Then I sat him at the foot of my throne. He desperately wanted to give me some excuse for his bad behavior. I was having none of it, and decided to really make him suffer. To shut him up, I quickly placed a latex hood over his head and left him there to suffer. My latex has no pity, as it sticks to his face and sucks out his air with every breathe he takes. I return and remove his hood, and place my hands over his mouth giving him some serious HOM smother. As he tries to give some muffled gasps for air, I pulled tighter and tighter. The is no escape, and it?s fitting punishment as he gasps for air. However, I have more in store for him as I bring out my favorite latex sheet. He knows he?s going to suffer, and I will enjoy every minute of it. I quickly wrap the sheet tightly around his head, pulling it tight against his face. I enjoy watching him struggle as the latex becomes a second skin. There?s no escape, as he desperately gasps for air only to become My Latex Bitch?
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