165753 – Choke 106

Lezdom Soap OperaShut the fuck up or we will choke you!Princess Kirstin and Madame Delilah want to talk to each other on the bed, but the slave lying on the floor keeps talking. She begs to be allowed to come on the bed and to be allowed to participate in the relationship life of the two. Again and again she intervenes without being asked when the two mistresses want to talk on the bed. Enough is enough, now slave Marry gets her next lesson! The two ladies start to cover her mouth, pressing their hands over her mouth and nose. So that she can no longer talk or breathe. But Marry is still talking secretly. The two sadists then tape her mouth shut and begin to choke her. With the tape on her mouth, is not any more annoying heckling from Marry to hear, but that is no longer enough for the two devilish rulers. They also choke her on the throat with their hands and hold her nose so that she can no longer breathe at all.
Choke 106
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