164367 – REA And ROBERTA – High Boot Society – ALL BOOT CLIPS

PART1: Stiletto High Boots Worship And DominationI relax on my couch and I feel sexy in my corset (with similar thong) and my stiletto high boots and I am in the mood for some games with my houseslave. I call him and I put a leash on his collar and command him to worship my boots. He kisses and licks them where I want and I whip him hard to do better, making him suck the heels. I get more dominant and I wipe the bottoms of my boots on his tongue hard to clean them and I hurt his face with my boots, crushing it as a cigarette. I command him to open his mouth wide and I start to fuck it with the top of my boots, pulling the leash so my boot will go deeper. I feel better now and I just relax my feet at the back of my slave, using him as a footstool for my perfect high boots!PART2: Footstool For My Stiletto High Boots In 3 PositionsAfter misusing my slave under my stiletto high boots, I relax my feet on him, using him as a footstool. I smoke and I ignore him, while my boots look so sexy on his bare flesh! I change him position and I use his face as my footstool and I hurt him with my boots without even notice it! I can keep it for hours, letting him go just to bring a drink or cook for me!Worship Our High Boots, Slave! – Boot Worship And Humiliation POVWe wear our sexy high boots with my step-****** Roberta and we are in the mood to play with you, our pathetic slave. We look so sexy in our high boots and sexy outfits, Roberta wears her platform fashion boots and me, my fantastic stiletto high boots, perfect match with my corcet. We call you and command you to lick our boots clean, to worship them and kiss them from down to the top and back, guiding you with our whips. We humiliate you verbally and degrade you, as your tongue works non stop on our boots! This is your place, loser bootslave!******s Facesitting And Human Furniture SUPERHOTWe look hot, Roberta wears her sexy jean shorts and fashion high boots and I wear my corset with just a thong and my stiletto high boots. Of course our slave is drooling looking at us and of course we will sit on his face for it! One of us always sit on his face and smothers him hard, while the other uses his body as a furniture. We change positions on his face and we enjoy our time with my step-******, while the poor slave hopes for his next breath!Trampling And Domination In High BootsWhen we wear this sexy strict outfits, we feel even more in the mood for sadistic games! With my step-****** Roberta we have our houseslave on the floor, walking over him in our high boots. We start to destroy him under our boots, making him lick and suck them and crusing hard his face under the bottoms of our boots. We kick his body and face and we crush his dick without mercy under out boots! Roberta tramples our loser slave hard and I crush his mouth under my stiletto boots, making him moan in pain! We spit on his mouth many times and we crush his throat, pressing our boots on it hard. I scratch his skin with my stilettos while Roberta melts his poor dick under her fashion high boots! When we are done, our poor houseslave is crushed on the floor!
REA And ROBERTA - High Boot Society - ALL BOOT CLIPS
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