165998 – Lady Scarlet – The an*mal I want you to be

ITALIAN LANGUAGEYou hear barking… it’s my d*g locked in a cage. I go towards him holding the leash in my hand. He shudders with joy because he knows it’s time to go out for a walk. I open the door and he approaches me. He has toothed clamps on his nipples. I left them as a symbol of belonging and punishment. And that’s where I put the leash, so that every pull is a pain for that beast. I take him for a walk. He smells my smell, he is glad that I came to get him but at the same time he feels pain in his nipples. Then sitting comfortably I have my boots cleaned with his tongue. A good d*g thus serves his Mistress! But now I want him to become my pony and to take me for a walk. I prepare him by putting two bridles always connected to the clamps and I ride him. Every now and then I like him grab me by the heels and stand up on two legs. I take him to the end of his strength and he collapses to the ground. I let my boots kiss, give him a tug on his nipples again and leave him there.
Lady Scarlet - The an*mal I want you to be
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