165513 – Goddess Alice and slave Izaura

The goddess Alice returns home, the girl is met by the faithful slave Izaura, who, in the absence of the Mistress, was cleaning her boots. Alice asks Izaura if she is ready to carry out any order of the Goddess, to which the servant replies "Yes, Lady." Alice laughs and says that today she wants to have fun by hurting a slave girl. To begin with, Izaura licks the Goddess’s street shoes with her tongue as she should, swallowing the dirt from the soles. Alice chews pompously chewing gum and watches as a slave girl clean her boots. Then the Mistress fulfills her promise and begins entertainment with Izaura … Alice humiliates the slave in different ways: she hits her in the face many times, spits on her face and mouth, and then commands Izaura to eat the gum from the soles of Mistress’s Boots. The goddess tries to push the heel deeper into Izaura’s mouth, ordering her to clean her shoes more thoroughly. Izaura cries and her mascara runs down her face. After Alice has had fun, she calls on the slave girl to take off her boots and pray for these boots while the Mistress is resting.
Goddess Alice and slave Izaura
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