166071 – I love to ride slave faces

Milf Mistress Laura: I like to sit on a slave’s face to relax. I then ride the face and stimulate myself. Do you want to be my seat cushion, my victim? I’ll sit naked on your face and ride your face I stick your nose in my pussy and in my ass. I’ll show you what you will see when I use you as a human seat as a human saddle. Do you like this view?I always like to relax on the slave’s face. I like to ride his face and press my pussy tightly on his face. I also like the feel of his nose in my ass. The fact that he gasps for air and suffers also makes me hot. I wanna ride, yeah, I wanna ride a slave face and be fine. As the head of the dance school for ladies, I have special privileges and for that I use the slave. I can’t press my pussy hard enough on his face. Every lady should have such a slave …
I love to ride slave faces
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