ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST ? I would like a POV, in which you are dressed just like in the splendid photo which appears on your site … tied hair, dizzying underwear and vertiginous heels … in the last few occasions you humiliated me alone and with her other friends by repeatedly butt fucking me with strap-ons of various sizes? and using me as a ashtray and spittoon (I’d like to refer to so much submission I’ve already suffered?). She therefore treats me from the beginning of the video like her slut … but she is particularly brassed off because, despite having shown me her superiority, in the last few days she has realized that I no longer appear among her fans on ************ … and a worm like me can’t dare to make such an affront to you … my only luck is that I still appear to be the User1406 on your site (I would like it to be understood unequivocally that you have everything under control), and for this reason you have decided to make me a concession that sounds even as a real threat. Yes, because you, tired of my insubordination, warn me that if you should notice further acts of ingratitude on my part, you will come to find me wherever I am to capture me and imprison me forever at your home … and this time not to experience domination , but to really make me your slave? You say that you will periodically check if I contribute to your well-being with gifts, and if I pay I pay enough homage with words of devotion. She also reminds me that she knows perfectly well that her body is the sole cause of my erections (as she says this he shows me her toned thighs and her perfect ass … often the shot shifts to her muscles, of the arms and legs, muscles that it wisely contracts to melt my brain and make me horny and drool …). She explains to me that if it works like this, then you are right to assume that they are your property and I have to be very careful to go straight … while making these things sternly clear to me You are tasting extremely sensual a cocktail with a straw .. I would like some close-ups of your mouth sucking the cocktail and whispering in my ear immediately: ?see bitch? I drank your brain just as I am drinking from this glass? and therefore never allow yourself to play strange tricks on me again? you are mine? try to be a good whore, otherwise I’ll really ruin you?
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