ITALIAN SPEAKINGHere I am struggling with a new case … I read his file and immediately understand why he was assigned to me, there is a lot to do with it, this shit is a famous pervert who used to masturbate in the park in front of jogging girls.Guys like him freak out and I have decided that the monthly volunteer work he should do to remedy his perversion is not what he needs …As a feminist the only possible treatment is castration, I want him to show up here every month starting today to be kicked in the balls enough to make him stop wanting to masturbate.And I start right away with my beautiful black boots, powerful kicks and the shit what it does, it gets excited, it’s really a hard case … so I increase the power.He ends up on the ground and I order him to apologize, he refuses and I get him back up … kicks even harder, back to the ground but still doesn’t want to admit his faults.It really pisses me off and I inflict a very strong and very fast left right until it falls to the ground, finally gives in and kisses my boots.His insolence really bothered me, already I can’t wait to find him in front of me in a month to fill him again with kicks in the balls, stronger and stronger, no mercy.
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