164448 – ADRIANNA – Harm Done – FULL MOVIE

Exotic beauty Andrianna loves to play with her old slaves, after of course she drains their wallets. Bratty Andrianna dominates and humiliates hard her submissives, before she go to shop with their credit cards!Foot Worship And Domination In JeansBreathtaking Adrianna in a casual outfit, calls sugarslave oldie to go near her and she commands him to worship her beautiful and creamy feet. He worships with passion, but she makes the rules, making him lick her soles and sucks her toes, even footgagging him sometimes! She rubs her feet all over his face, having a royal style and a sweet sadistic smile on her lips!EXTREME Barefoot TramplingSadistic Adrianna wants to use her slave as her carpet. She stands on him and she starts a BRUTAL trampling! She totally destroys him under her beautiful feet, as she kicks and stomps him all over his body, tramples and crushes his cock, stands on his throat full weight and kicks his face hard! She stands many times on his face and at the same time she tramples it, crushes it under her full weight or stomps it hard! Adrianna has a totally natural expression, while she breaks a man under her feet!SADISTIC Fullweight Facesitting In JeansHow sexy looks Adrianna in those jeans! But poor fatty cannot enjoy the view, as he is handcuffed in a ‘chair’ position and Adrianna starts to sit on his face full weight! He is smothered hard under Adrianna and the hard denim scratches his skin. Of course sadistic Adrianna doesn’t care at all, she changes positions on his face, smothering him hard and for long and she kicks him when he moves and he moans!Dirty Feet Worship (REAL DIRT!!!)Bratty Adrianna was walking on the balcony barefoot and her feet are dirty. She rests her legs on a stool and she calls her slavedog and commands him to start licking her perfect creamy feet clean from the dirt! The slave does his best to clean his Mistress and Adrianna looks down at him disgusted of how pathetic he is, with his mouth and face full of dirt! But the slave is really slow so Adrianna commands him to lay down and she finishes the cleaning alone on his tongue and face, the dominant way! She uses her useless slave’s face as her footstool for her – clean now – feet!Lick My Flat High Boots Clean!Adrianna comes out of her room ready to go for shopping, on her tight jeans and her sexy streetwear flat high boots. The boots have the street dirt from a previous day and since her slave didn’t do his duty to clean them, he has to be her rug! She cleans the soles from the dirt rubbing them hard on his tongue and at the same time she dominates her useless slave, crushing his face under her boots. Adrianna is in the mood for some more fun, so she relaxes on the couch and she keeps cleaning her boots with the slave’s tongue and face and of course she doesn’t forget to kick and crush his face!BRUTAL Trampling And Facestanding In Flat High BootsAfter her one slave cleaned her boots with his tongue, Adrianna wants to dry them. So she calls her second slave to be her carpet! Of course sadistic Adrianna doesn’t just whipe her boots on her human rug, but she DESTROYS him under her boots, just for her amusement! She tramples him brutally and she stands full weight on his face and his throat! She tramples his dick full weight and after stands again on the face and tramples it hard, melting it under the raw soles of her boots! She kicks him and makes him lick her boots again, looking down at him like he is a worm she just crushed!
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