You thought you could get away with playing mind games didn’t you. You didn’t believe I was as good at what I do as I am until karma hit you like a brick to the front teeth and shattered your illusions of the box you tried to fit me in.I told you and you just didn’t listen; thought I was a novelty. Having a friend that was a dominatrix but not with you made you feel some kind of special didn’t it? In your complacency you even tried to friend zone me after we fucked once and it really was a pitiful thing to watch you do. Treating me like I was catching feelings and exposing yourself by showing me just how little respect you have for women and assuming my treatment of you had something to do with you and how you looked when it was a choice on my part.What a stupid bastard you were to play with fire. I saw everything. I watched you show me red flags until I had had enough and discarded you like flaming dogshit. Learn your lesson Loser!
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