167553 – Lady Scarlet – Punishment under duress

ITALIAN LANGUAGEThis new tool has finally arrived and I want to inaugurate it with the slave who has my brand tattooed on his back. I immobilize him at the ankles, slightly upside down, leaving him only his hands free to be able to support himself against the structure. In this position he will perceive the pain differently. I have prepared several cane to use on him, and so I begin to give vent to the sadism. One stroke after another, one tool after another, I hit him on the ass and on the back marking him more and more. His prayer of mercy never comes, he says I’m dealing with a strong man not a weak one. I reply that for me this can be an advantage, an incentive to hit harder and longer. And so I do. When I get tired of trying to protect himself with his hands even though I left them free for him not for that purpose, I take the latch off and put it upside down, leaving him begging to straighten it …
Lady Scarlet - Punishment under duress
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