166175 – Slave girl for three Goddesses

Alice and Sophia visit their friend Irene. The girls’ shoes are very dirty and require immediate cleaning. Fortunately, Irene has a loyal servant who is always ready to tidy up her shoes. Mistress Irene orders the slave girl to lick the dirty shoes of her friends, but Alice and Sofia decide to take pity on the servant and allow her to clean their shoes with the slave’s toothbrush and a rag. But the slave girl does not cope with this task, which is why the Goddesses are very angry, give her many slaps and order them to clean their shoes with the tongue. Mistress Irene urges the maid on with blows of a stick while she licks Alice and Sophia’s shoes. Three Goddesses very much laugh at the slave girl, joke about how fat and disgusting she is.
Slave girl for three Goddesses
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